Painting with light…. Boudoir Photography

The challenge with boudoir is to keep things fresh, and not look like you are just recreating the latest Victoria’s Secret catalog…  Painting with light is not something new, it has been around forever (in fact, here is the great tutorial by John Michael Cooper that got me interested in doing this to begin with: – via Anne Ruthmann’s Photo Love Cat blog – giving credit where it is due!).

You can apply this technique to all facets of photography, but I think it really compliments boudoir best…



For clients:  This is the perfect way to start or end your shoot!  You get the easiest job of the day – just stay very still!  We shoot this image in total darkness, so this might be the best way for you to start your shoot if you aren’t that comfortable yet.  The results are universally flattering, so you don’t need to worry about how you look – the light takes care of everything!

For the photographer:  This is some a little outside the box that can make you really stand out – just practice and get the timing and technique down before you start with a client.

We will be teaching this technique (and so much more!) at our upcoming NYC workshop, stay tuned for more details soon….

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